Nadal Care


Natal Care
Pre-Natal Care When your pregnancy test comes back positive, it is an occasion for joy. But for those who have experienced difficulty becoming pregnant, it can also bring feelings of increased anxiety around the possibility of miscarriage and justifiable concern about healthy fetal development.

When a seed is planted in the earth, water and nutrients are necessary for that seed to grow. In some women, hormonal imbalances and poor circulation in and around the uterus create conditions that are potentially fatal to the fetus.

In our center, we use combined treatments—acupuncture, nutrition, and Chinese herbal formulas--to help moms-to-be, balance hormones and increase circulation to and around the uterus in order to supply vital nutrients to the fetus, necessary for a healthy pregnancy. Treatments we offer during pregnancy are: • Prenatal Care • Holistic pre-natal consultation • Acupuncture • Moxibustion treatment • Nutritional counseling Post-Natal Care Once the exhilaration of the childbirth experience has passed, many women experience a variety of post-natal conditions that can impinge upon their initial feelings of joy. These conditions include: • Post-partum depression • Hair loss • Joint pain and back pain from taking care of the baby • Anxiety • Fatigue • Lack of milk production for the baby • Constipation In our center, postnatal care is the third and final stage of comprehensive Fertility/ Prenatal/ Post-natal care.

Most women suffer at least one or more of the above symptoms after childbirth. Our treatments include: • Consultation for a Holistic approach to post natal care • Acupuncture • Herbal formulas • Moxibustion treatment